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My Healthy Hair Journey - The Time I Lost It All

My Healthy Hair Journey - The Time I Lost It All

In 2009, my hair lost its luster and bounce, and way too many of its strands. This was due to aging, environmental damage and overall vanity (according to my grandmommy).

At that point, I decided to love on my struggling strands and dedicate my spare time to learning healthy habits that would hopefully return my hair to its glory. I started out with remedies my grandmother used on her hair and her clients. I also began researching alternative ways to grow and thicken my hair. I got obsessed and there were many sleepless nights of research. Eventually, I designed a regimen that was focused on what I was putting in my body by eating and what I was putting in my body through my scalp and skin.

This research and awakening lead me to try the Master Cleanse aka Lemonade Diet, which is considered a fad by some and just plain crazy by others. For me, the Master Cleanse was life-changing and yet another learning opportunity. I never knew how powerful a lemon could be to our bodies! For the record, growing up in an eccentric place like Los Angeles, full of hippies and spending time in the summers on my great-grandparents land made me a bit more health conscious from a youth. I knew my journey would eventually lead me to something like naturopathy remedies. 

New Years Eve 2015 I lost my grandmother to lung cancer. I lost it all.

Interestingly, seeing someone lose all control of their health and their body made me feel like I wanted to get in control of my own. I started exercising and eating smaller portions of food. In March of 2015, I went on an intense detox guided by a holistic health practitioner named Ms. Neith. I learned about how the body uses food. How the body can heal itself of all kinds of wrongs and diseases with the proper foods (fruits and vegetables) and clean water.

I began to translate those naturopathic findings into my beauty regimen. Once I felt that I had mastered a few common issues we face with skin and hair I sought out to share with the world.


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