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Ronnie + Rose Green Tea Lavish Conditioner

$ 16.00

Ronnie + Rose Green Tea Lavish Conditioner

Ronnie + Rose Green Tea Lavish Conditioning Masque alleviate dandruff and removes harmful elements from the scalp and hair while bathing your stands in luxurious green tea and rich vanilla.

Ronnie + Rose Green Tea Lavish Conditioning Masque can help you to stimulate follicles and improve the growth of your hair. Once the masque removes buildup from the scalp and hair the follicles are stimulated and free to "breath". The Lavish Masque increases blood flow to the scalp which helps hair to grow healthier and longer. Ronnie + Rose Green Tea Lavish Masque helps to revive and moisturize frizzy, deprived hair, creating the look of smooth, shiny, bouncy rejuvenated hair.

Helpful tips: Pair with Ronnie + Rose Seal Beach Leave-In Conditioner for optimal and faster results! 

Healthy strands = growing hair. This product is a winner and will rescue your hair and heal your scalp!

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