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We trust nature.
With that in mind, we set out to create a brand and line of products that would be both eco-friendly, health-enhancing, and effective. Our luxury eco-beauty hair care line using the most luxurious organic ancient ingredients from around the globe. There are no limits on what defines beauty and we all deserve luxury. Our products offer access to these natural ancient ingredients in amazingly effective combinations. We want to continue to push the standard of toxin-free hair and care.
We believe in encouraging our beauty friend's to take control of their hairs' health by eating healthy food (as much as possible) and drinking lots of fresh water. Taking a little extra care inside makes for the most beautiful hair (and skin). Healthier hair is the result of a healthier body in combination with using toxic free and effective products.
Ronnie + Rose, Inc. has designed products that do not use toxic chemicals or synthetic preservatives. Simple life changes can create the best environment for you to hair to grow and glow your most luxurious hair.

Founder & President